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World's Best Dental Patient Education Software & More


Consult-PRO is the world leader in Dental Software. With over 14000 users world wide Consult-PRO is unique in its overwhelming acceptance by and appeal to the general public and the academia of dentistry.

Consult-PRO Dental Patient Education Software

Available in 20
Languages & 32


Consult-PRO Dental Patient Education Software comes factory ready in the following languages:
English, Italian, Korean, Swedish, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and Russian.

Consult-PRO Dental Patient Education Software is available in 17 languages and 32 countries

Consult-PRO iPad App Is Here


The world leader in Dental Patient Education Software has now expanded to your mobile device. With the ability to view Chairside on Tablets, the iPad and other hand-held devices, Consult-PRO's dental sofware is mobilizing the dental experience.

Consult-PRO Dental Patient Education App for ipad

Dr. Pulec,
Founder and CEO


Dr. Pulec has been a proponent of patient education and implant dentistry throughout his 26 years in practice.

Dr. Pulec Founder of Consult-PRO Dental Patient Education Software

Your Dental Software Solution


Consult-PRO Dental Software brings you a host of exciting features!


- iPad-compatibility
- Email movies directly to patients
- Informed consent procedures
- New movies
- More languages

Personlize Your Dental Pratice


You can now email our award-winning 3D presentations directly to your dental patients from our dental software!


Personalize with your own voice, instructions, and text, and be notified when the patient viewed the video.