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    Your answer to patient education, increased case
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"Consult-PRO Digitalizing the Dental Industry"

Medhealth Outlook - Dental Tech Edition

We want to thank Medhealth Outlook for awarding Consult-PRO as a Top 10 Dental Tech Solution Providers 2021.

"Just like technology is creating an impact in every industry, the same is going on with the healthcare space as well. Clinics and dental-healthcare spaces are transforming their operations with the adoption of technology and innovation. One of the foundations of healthcare reform is moving away from paper-based to digital storage systems. As technology progresses in the dental care space, it has become vital for dentists and dental specialists to move with the times. It is clear that cloud technology is here to stay and any dental practice that does not use a cloud-based practice management system will suffer the consequences. Identifying these trends and realizing that dentists and patients have the same needs all around the world, Consult-PRO—a provider of the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated videos —is creating patient sympathetic learning tools that empower, educate and improve confidence of every patient consultation..."

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Medhealth Outlook Award for Consult-PRO Dental Software

Our Story
From Local Leaders to Industry Experts

local dental leaders

Evolving from humble beginnings in Toronto, Canada, to transforming into a global thought leader, Consult-PRO™’s successful history is woven with education, art, innovation and passion. We wouldn’t be wrong to claim the pioneering of dental animations. YouTube started in 2005; Consult-PRO™ started in 1999.

When a dental surgeon realized that his patients often craved more visual illustrations and information beyond diagnostic models to understand the benefits and risks of their treatment options as well as the consequences of not having the treatment, he drew from his artistic background in painting and sculpting and was inspired to use animations to bridge his passion for art and design with clinical knowledge. He created a patient-sympathetic learning tool – Consult-PRO™ that empowers, educates and improves confidence at every patient consultation.

The results of Consult-PRO™ use in the office were staggering! Patients were not only motivated to accept more treatment, but the appreciation shown by each patient demonstrated that top-quality care and oral health education resonated at a much deeper level. It was time to share this amazing tool with clinicians all over the world.


Consult-PRO's Dental Software
is Used in 127 Countries and Counting

dental software used in 127 countries

Globalization has had doctors and patients from different regions of the world receive the benefit and expertise of shared dental knowledge and Consult-PRO is a major supporter of and vehicle for that exchange. Consult-PRO™ now services hundreds of dental clinics, thousands of dental professionals and millions of patients in over 120 countries. it is available in 20 languages.

By providing the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated technology in each country’s specific language, Consult-PRO is contributing to the development of common global dental knowledge and pushing the boundaries of dental software.

Trust It From The Experts

I have been impressed with the digital animation library available by Consult Pro to educate my patients. Today, we now have the ability to email movies as well as offer a weblink to further enhance patient understanding and acceptance of our treatment plans. Well done Consult Pro!!

Dr. Alex Karol

Surgical, Cosmetic and Prosthetic Dentist

How Academic Institutions Love Using Consult-PRO

It has made the delivery of our curriculum more effective and has informed communication between administrators, faculty, students and our clients.

Lila McIndoe

Program Director at Toronto College of Hygiene and Auxiliaries

This will give your patients a better understanding of their treatment options and aversion to risks.

Dr. Aaron DeForest

DDS, Dental Techup

Dental Hygiene Educators and How They Use Consult-PRO EDU

I would highly recommended this program. It works tremendously well. It's easy to use there's a lot of system in the program that lets you do all these neat tricks.

Mary Lou Sidiero

Dental Hygiene Educator at Toronto College of Hygiene and Auxiliaries

Photo Dr. Bill Dorfman

I love Consult PRO's Chairside software. I currently use the software in my office.

Dr. Bill Dorfman

Cosmetic Dentist for the Stars

Photo Dr Garber

Consult-PRO is the best patient education software available today.

Dr. David Garber


Photo Dr. Maurice Salama

I have been impressed with the digital animation library available by Consult PRO.

Dr. Maurice Salama


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